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AI Use Cases for Manufacturing


With the rapid growth of sensor-enabled products, manufacturers are facing a major paradigm shitf in business models. As a matter of fact, the data generated by connected devices represent a major opportunity to move from a traditional product-centric business model to a service-centric one.

We explore the opportunity associated to the business models of the Internet of Things to help manufacturers understand how they can build smart and flexible AI stacks to leverage the value of the data collected from their products.

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AI Use Cases for Smart City

By 2050 more than 60% of the world’s population will live in cities and the necessity to increase our efficiency in using resources and rethink urban mobility will become more and more critical. The Internet of Things technologies (IoT) are allowing us to gather a critical mass of data that can feed sophisticated machine learning algorithms aiming at improving the efficiency with which we manage energy, waste management, water and mobility.

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AI Use Cases for Insurance


Technologies are changing the way consumers buy, social factors are modifying the way they own and use their assets, digital savvy users want easier and faster means to interact with their insurance company, InsurTechs implement lean models … Disruption factors are strong and they are here to stay.

Artificial intelligence provides new options to deliver more efficient and tailored services to customers, enhance the customer experience, develop stronger sales performances and optimize processes.

In our white paper on product innovation with AI, we analyze smart services developed by Insurtechs to illustrate how AI is changing the competitive landscape.

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AI Use Cases for Retail

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest and most broadly impactful innovation to shape the retail sector. AI-driven services are changing the sources of competitive advantages and retailers need to develop flexibility and agility, both at human and IT infrastructure levels, to address the pace and degree of change.

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