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Smart Mobility


Smart mobility is not only a perfect match for Comfiz core technologies but also an intrinsic driver of motivation for our team. Our team values are completely aligned with the necessity to develop more efficient and greener transport systems, to reduce congestion and waiting time, to sustain stronger social integration and equity, to help urban planners cope with an ever increasing level of urbanization and to sustain the use of greener energy sources for citizens and goods transportation.

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AI Use Cases for Retail

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest and most broadly impactful innovation to shape the retail sector. AI-driven services are changing the sources of competitive advantages and retailers need to develop flexibility and agility, both at human and IT infrastructure levels, to address the pace and degree of change.

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AI Use Cases for Insurance


Technologies are changing the way consumers buy, social factors are modifying the way they own and use their assets, digital savvy users want easier and faster means to interact with their insurance company, InsurTechs implement lean models … Disruption factors are strong and they are here to stay.

Artificial intelligence provides new options to deliver more efficient and tailored services to customers, enhance the customer experience, develop stronger sales performances and optimize processes.

In our white paper on product innovation with AI, we analyze smart services developed by Insurtechs to illustrate how AI is changing the competitive landscape.

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AI for Banks

Banks are facing challenging times. Digital savvy users want easier and faster means to interact with their bank, FinTechs implement lean models, GAFAs and Telcos are aggressively entering into financial services… In this new era of competition, banks need to leverage the value of their data that are most of the time locked and undervalued in old legacy systems.

Cross-functional teams focused on quickly building prototypes can learn to really master the continual cycle of execution, exploration and learning specific to AI. The experimentation of machine learning technics inside small-scale pilots should be encouraged to develop and refine new ideas and answer to the attacks of innovative and fast-moving competitors.

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