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Ethics and transparency for Data Science

Data science systems won’t grow without accountability. The Comfiz DataOps platform helps address compliance and legal risks associated to data science models design.

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Data science teams Management

At Comfiz we believe that data science needs to be understood and trusted by business and field managers as well as IT teams. Data science is very often seen as a black box and it can be challenging to understand if all stakeholders are not given a clear documentation of all the processes involved in data-driven operations.

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Data Science Projects Management


Data science projects are complex and require a great variety of skills and processes to succeed. From R&D to production the capacity of a data team to rely on well structured workflows and a clean documentation will have a tremendous impact on its productivity and the quality of project outputs.

With a role based design tailored for data science and data engineering teams, the Comfiz Platform provides an environment where all members can leverage the potential of all data science assets and data assets shared across projects while allowing a strict governance and control of access to strategic or sensible information.

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