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Data Sources Management

Every type of organization can today rely on internal and external sources of data to create value through data-driven sales and marketing operations.

However identifying data sources, assessing data quality, cleaning data and consolidating data from different silos require a significant effort. The Comfiz platform business processes provide a clear framework to handle these operations.

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Master Data Management for Data Science


The Comfiz platform makes it easier to extract data from a large number of sources with heterogeneous data formats, syntaxes and taxonomies and to consolidate them in data stores dedicated to data-driven services deployment.

The objectives of these processes of extraction and consolidation is to create sets of data that are much more compacts than original sources and at the same time provide high-value information to data scientists thanks to the process of features extraction.

Consolidating data science optimized data sets is a powerful way to build accurate data science models and to acquire a much higher degree of agility in the deployment and management of data-driven services .

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Customer Information Management

Artificial intelligence is the key driver of the development of a new generation of personalized services. Targeted emails, recommender systems, robo-advisors ... there is a long list of AI-driven services where customer data consolidation and customer behavior analysis are required to succeed.

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