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Data Integration

Data Consolidation and Unification

The Comfiz Platform gives organizations the capacity to consolidate their business data and partners data into a coherent data environment dedicated to data enrichment for AI.

The Comfiz platform data integration features give data scientists the capacity to:

  • Automate data integration tasks
  • Consolidate and enrich data from heterogeneous sources
  • Apply best data preprocessing rules to increase the quality of data for machine learning
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Inside this section: [Customer Information Management] [Data sources management] [Master Data Management for AI] [Product Information Management]

Data Enrichment

Leverage the full value of your data assets


Data is the raw material of AI but it has very little value if it has not been preprocessed to enable the identification of valuable parameters for machine learning algorithms.

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Inside this section: [Data Quality Management] [Feature Engineering] [Unstructured Data Analysis]

Data Visualization

KPIs and dashboards management

AI-focused dashboards help business and field managers understand the value delivered by Artificial Intelligence.

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