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Data Science in Finance

Building competitive advantages with Data Science

Data-driven services are changing the sources of competitive advantages. Traditional banks operating models are not adapted to an era of rapidly shifting consumer behaviours and the ever growing importance of mobile platforms as a primary channel of interaction.

Technology-savvy and self-directed customers are not only visiting branches less often, but they also want greater control over their financial services and the capacity to manage their money at any time.

Reshaping business operations to move from a product-centric model to a customer-centric model is required to build greater loyalty, reduce churn, increase cross-selling and attract new digital-centric customers.


Financial Health Improvement


Based on the research made by the Financial Health Network, the Comfiz team has developed a features store and data-driven models that bring the power of behavioral analysis, predictive analysis and clustering to help financial institutions improve the financial health of their customers, employees and communities

Insights Manager for Small Businesses

Small and medium business don’t have the financial resources to invest in state of the art machine learning driven operations. We help financial institutions build data-driven services for small business owners based on payment data and financial data that they already consolidate from SMBs operations.


Ifeane - Impact Scoring Platform


The Ifeane team focuses on the quantitative analysis of environmental impacts that directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We create or co-create scoring models with a methodology oriented towards the analysis of economic activities that make a substantive contribution to climate change mitigation and sustainable resources management.