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Use Cases Implementation

Comfiz Quick Start Program

The Comfiz Quickstart Program is the easiest way to start working with our team and evaluate the benefits of data-driven innovation for your organization. This program includes the following steps:

  • Data-driven business cases analysis
  • Data sourcing and data source consolidation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Features Extraction
  • Data science models design
  • Models evaluation and tuning on test data
  • Integration of data-driven features in selected business processes or services
  • Training

Becoming an agile, data-driven business


With the Comfiz platform it is now easier to unleash the full value of data assets and to rapidly implement and test data-driven use cases. To fully leverage the potential of our platform, we encourage our clients to:

  • Ask the right questions. Identifying business cases for data-driven innovation require to clearly identify the processes you want to improve or create with a data-driven approach. Data science models work better with clear and well defined questions.
  • Reduce the time required for decision making. In today's competitive business environment organizations that can shrink their decision making processes can adapt themselves faster to dynamic business conditions.
  • Experiment and fail fast. The development of innovative data-driven business models require to test and learn fast. You can estimate the real value of predictive models only when they have been tested on your data.