Comfiz - Data Enrichment Platform and Consulting Services for Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven Transformation

Seizing opportunities in the Artificial Intelligence era

Why Comfiz ?

Comfiz positions itself as an AI-enabler. We develop methodologies and technologies to help organizations build and deploy AI-driven services with the agility required to follow the high pace of innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

At Comfiz we are focused on identifying the benefits of AI for our customers. Determining how to get value from artificial intelligence should remain the first priority and it starts with building and evaluating strong AI business use cases.


Identifying business cases for AI-driven innovation require to clearly identify the processes you want to improve or create with a data-driven approach. Artificial Intelligence and predictive models work better with clear and well defined questions.

Technology focus

The Comfiz platform is designed to integrate itself with all the components required to build a full AI stack.


We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for AI platforms deployment. Within the same organization the scope of AI use cases to implement is broad and requires different technologies and infrastructures according to the type and volume of data to analyze.

Benefits of Comfiz Data Enrichment Platform for AI

The Comfiz platform helps organizations close the gaps between business teams, data science teams and IT teams.


For Data Scientists

Raw data stored in data lakes and legacy applications are often of very low value for data scientists when they work on predictive models design. Morever getting access to huge volume of data is more a drawback than an advantage when data are not stored in a context that help data scientists understand how they can adress the business case they try to solve.

The Comfiz platform gives them the capacity to work on AI-optimized data stores that are designed to facilitate the extraction of high value features for predictive models.

For IT Teams

IT Teams are under high pressure to cope with the pace of deployment of new AI-driven services and answer to the requirements of data science and business teams. The Comfiz platform integrates itself in the existing data infrastructure to ease the deployment of data environments dedicated to AI services implementation.

The Comfiz platform also integrates features dedicated to the migration of models to production, a fundamental step which complexity can be underestimated by data science teams.

For Business Users

Business users have years of domain knowledge and processes and most of the time can bring very valuable insights and intuitions to artificial intelligence problems.

The Comfiz platform not only facilitates the cooperation between data scientists and business users but also give non technical managers a way to better understand and trust algorithms.